For Hela, certifications are a commitment to the latest technology and to high-quality products. With these certifications, Hela is documenting its achievements both internally and externally, guaranteeing all customers and business partners a quality-management system that is employed in all areas of the company. Every company of Hela’s worldwide network has the certifications according to ISO and HACCP.











The International Food Standard is an international security standard for all food-producers with their own brands. In western Europe excluding the United Kingdom, IFS is the most important standard for suppliers of major international trade chains... more


  BIO (Organic)


Due to the enormous growth of the market for organic products, we have decided to introduce organic spices into our product range. Legal requirements for producing, processing and labelling of organic products are set out in Council Regulation (EC) No 834/2007... more






We have the Halal certificate approx. 400 products... more