Hela’s company policy

Hela works in all segments of the food industry. Hela sells high-quality spice components which are available as primary products, semi-finished products and finished products for flavouring and technologically improving and / or quality assurance in different market segments. By building trust, innovative product development, marketing concepts, technological advice and the efforts of our employees, Hela is able to provide clients with additional benefits resulting in excellent products. Hela is striving to be the number one supplier for food-making companies.


Hela always wants to assure maximum food safety, from the purchase of raw materials over storage and distribution right up to the time of delivery to the customer. The company takes special care of the product, the organisation and the quality assurance process. On an ongoing basis, Hela compiles short, medium and long-term strategic plans for buying, selling, marketing and customer service. In doing so, Hela tries to achieve a long-term relationship with every customer. Qualified consultants are crucial for Hela.