Consistency and continuity are core values of Hela as an employer. The aim is to commit all employees to the company on a long-term basis. In 2010, Hela‘s 350 permanent staff had been part of the company for an average of 12 years, underlining a sense of continuity.


Hela as an attractive employer

Due to a number of measures Hela is well-known as an attractive employer beyond the region


Flexible working hours and life planning

With our flexitime model, we enable our employees to be flexible when it comes to individual or family matters. By using previously accumulated hours employees can take a day off in the event of emergencies or family matters that come up on short notice while they do not have to take a day off from their annual leave. If somebody wants to work reduced hours, e.g. to get back into the job after the birth of a child, Hela tries everything to make it possible.


Apprenticeships and job-related training

On average, Hela offers 18 apprenticeships per year in different professions, e.g. industrial clerks, industrial mechanics, mechatronics, IT specialists and logistics technicians. First and foremost, we want to employ as many apprentices as possible after they have finished their apprenticeship. Due to the relatively large number of apprentices and the low fluctuation of employees in general, this is not always possible. Nonetheless, Hela has decided to employ more apprentices than needed to give young people a qualified start to their work lifes.


Moreover, Hela offers a large number of internship placements for school and university students to give them an insight into our everyday worklife. Co-operations with universities of applied sciences enable students in their final year to write their thesis in the company. The family owning Hela has also created a foundation that supports talented young people in northern Germany.


Qualification and training

Improving our employee‘s expertise is one of our priorities. Strategic human resource planning for lead workers is a good example. Together with the human resources department, individual training needs are determined and addressed.


Employees as inventor

By using our suggestion system, employees can make proposals for optimising different areas, e.g. health and safety regulations, employee satisfaction, quality assurance, and production processes.


Between 2007 and 2010, an annual average of 25 proposals has been made, saving €157,000 in costs.