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Here you will find selected products from the GASTRONOMY sector of Hela. If you can't find the product you are looking for, please contact us using our contact form. Products from this area can only be sold to major consumers.

Aceto Balsamico di Modena I.G.P. classico 500 ml

Argentinia Seasoning with Sesame 820 g

Bami Goreng Seasoning delicate 650 g

Basil freeze-dried 50 g

Wild Garlic freeze-dried 35 g

Oranic Seasoning "Argentinia" 860 g

Oranic Curry Seasoning 700 g

Organic Vegetable Broth Seasoning 1150 g

Organic Gyros Seasoning 850 g

Organic Paprika ground 700 g

Savory freeze-dried 55 g

Bourbon Vanilla Sugar 1150 g

Seasoning for Fried Potatoes 1450 g

Bratox Decorative Seasoning 570 g

Coloured Pepper cracked 580 g

Coloured Peppercorn Mix 650 g

Café de Paris Seasoning 430 g

Cajun Blackend Seasoning 230 g

California-Sun Lemon 400 g

California-Sun Orange 400 g

Chili Con Carne 850 g

Chili cracked 500 g

Chili Fibres 75 g

Chilli Rings red chinese 75g

Chilis ground 270 g

China Sun 1050 g

Condimento Balsamico bianco 500 ml

Crema all "Aceto Balsamico di Modena IGP" Glasur Classico 380 ml

Crema all "Aceto Balsamico di Modena IGP" Glasur Orange 380 ml

Curry 99 650 g

Curry Ceylon Taste 650 g

Curry Genuine Taste 680 g

Curry Spice Ketchup mild 12 kg

Curry Spice Ketchup original 12 kg

Curry Grishma with roasted Spices 300 g

Curry Harathi with roasted Spices 300 g

Curry Karuka with roasted Spices 300 g

Curry Mahima with roasted Spices 300 g

Curry Saheli with roasted Spices 300 g

Dill Tips freeze-dried 75 g

Vinegar Apple Balsam 500 ml

Vinegar Strawberry natural cloudy 500 ml

Vinegar Tarragon 500 ml

Vinegar Raspberry natural cloudy 500 ml

Vinegar Elderberry natural cloudy 500 ml

Vinegar Blackcurrant natural cloudy 500 ml

Vinegar Cherry 500 ml

Vinegar Lime natural cloudy 500 ml

Vinegar Mint 500 ml

Vinegar Passion Fruit natural cloudy 500 ml

Tarragon freeze-dried 50 g

Fine Peanut Oil oleic acid Gently extracted 500 ml

Fine Hemp oil cold-pressed 500 ml

Fine Pumpkin Seed Oil pressed 500 ml

Fine Sesame Oil pressed 500 ml

Fine Walnut Oil roasted 500 ml

Fennel Seeds 370 g

Fish Seasoning 950 g

Fish Seasoning with sea salt 950 g

Fleur de Sel 900 g

Garam Masala 300 g

Poultry Barbecue seasoning

Yellow Fruit Compote s Apricot & Peach 4,6 kg

Golden Fries 1300 g

Gourmela Galant 1100 g

Green Thai 900 g

Green Mint freeze-dried 50 g

Green Pepper freeze-dried 160 g

Fruit Compote Apple light with Vanilla Taste 4,3 kg

Red Fruit Compote Strawberry-Rhubarb 4.6 kg

Fruit Compote Kiwi & Gooseberries 4,6 kg

Goulash Gourmet 850 g

Rhodes Gyros 820 g

Hubertus Mix Decorative Seasoning 600 g

Ginger Ground 300 g

Italian- Style Herbs freeze-dried 70 g

Canella Sticks 8 - 10 cm 200 g

Cardamom Ground 300 g

Chervil freezes-dried 45 g

Garlic Flakes 370 g

Garlic Granules 750 g

Garlic Pepper 1050 g

Crackling Goose & Duck seasoning 1000 g

Crackling Pork Seasoning 900 g

Coriander Leaves freeze-dried 40 g

Coriander Seeds 330 g

Coriander Ground 280 g

Cornflower blossoms 60 g

Herbal Butter Mix 750 g

Herbs de Provence 270 g

Provence-Type herbs freeze-dried 80 g

Tomato seasoning with Herbs 930 g

Cumin ground 300 g

Crust Roast seasoning 1150 g

Caraway Seeds 600 g

Caraway ground 550 g

Pumpkin seed sunflower oil 500 ml

Turmeric ground 350 g

Lavender Blossoms 130 g

Bay Leaves 50 g

Marjoram freeze-dried 50 g

Mexico Hot Mix 580 g

Mistura de Tomato 600 g

Mistura de Tomato Mango 450 g

Mistura de Tomato Olive 460 g

Mousse au Chocolat 1 kg

White mousse 1 kg

Nutmeg ground 650 g

Nasi Goreng seasoning delicate 820 g

Olive Oil Nativ Extra cold-pressed 500 ml

Olive Oil Preparation with Lemon Flavouring 500 ml

Orange Pepper 900 g

Oregano freeze-dried 55 g

Paprika Sweet ground 650 g

Paprika Sweet ground 650 g

Smoked Paprika Powder 600 g

Parsley freeze-dried 65 g

Allspice whole 450 g

Pistachio Nuts Whole 750 g

Pizza Herb seasoning 200 g

Porterhouse seasoning 450 g

Rapeseed Sea Buckthorn Oil 500 ml

Ras el Hanout seasoning 260 g

Sea Salt

Marigold Blossoms 80 g

Pink Peppercorns

Rosemary freeze-dried 125 g

Red Fruit Compote Garden Fruits 4.6 kg

Red Fruit Compote Currant-Elderberry 4.6 kg

Red Fruit Compote Sour Cherry 4.6 kg

Safflower Blossoms

Salad Herbs freeze-dried 75 g

Sage freezed-dried 65 g

Santos 1100 g

Chives freeze-dried 40 g

Pepper Black whole 700 g

Pepper Black whole 700 g

Pepper Black Crushed 650 g

Pepper Black ground 720 g

Mustardseeds 900 g

Sunflower Oil with roasted Basil Flavouring 500 ml

Sunflower Oil with roasted Mediterranean Herbal Flavouring 500 ml

Seasoning with Bacon Flavour 800 g

Steakal 900 g

Steak Pepper Caracas seasoning 800 g

Steak pepper Canada seasoning with maple syrup 700 g

Steak pepper Kentucky seasoning 850 g

Cep Powder 250 g

Star-Anise Whole 250 g

Sultan´s Taste 900 g

Sweet Thai Sauce sweet-spicy 3 kg

Tandoori Masala 330 g

Thyme freeze-dried 65 g

Juniper Berries 430 g

White Pepper whole, Handpicked 850 g

Pepper White ground 730 g

Game Seasoning 950 g

Cinnamon ground 500 g

Lemon Pepper seasoning 1000 g

Lemon Grass freeze-dried 125 g

Onion Granules 750 g

Curry Spice Ketchup mild 10 kg

Curry Gewürz Ketchup scharf 10 kg

Shashlik Spice Ketchup piquant 10 kg

Tomato Spice Ketchup mildly spicy 10 kg

Tomato Ketchup fruity 10 kg

Curry Ceylon Taste 4000 x 1,5 g

Curry Ceylon Taste 250 x 1,5 g

Curry Spice Ketchup mild 100 x 20 g

Curry Spice Ketchup original 100 x 20 g

Mustard medium hot 600 x 10 g

Mustard medium hot 250 x 10 g

Ready-Mix for Minced Meat Dishes 30 x 5 x 7 g

Ready-Mix for Minced Meat Dishes 125 x 7 g

Iodised Salt 1000 x 1 g

Pepper white ground 1000 x 0,3 g

Raw Sugar Sticks 1000 x 4 g

Salt 1000 x 1 g

Instead of just salt 1000 x 1 g

Tomato Ketchup fruity 150 x 15 g

Cinnamon & Sugar Sticks 1000 x 4 g

Sugar 2000 x 3,7 g

Sugar Sticks 1000 x 4 g

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