We Take You to the Next Level

Curiosity is our passion. Besides our high quality standards and food know-how, innovation is the heart of our company.

In our Reasearch & Development department in Ahrensburg, new prouduct generations of spice mixtures, seasonings, ketchups and sauces as well as special products for the food industry are created in cooperation with the network of Hela subsidiaries all over the world.

We know the world´s food and raw material markets and listen carefully to what our customers in private households and enterprises have to say.

Whether less sugar, less sodium, less fat, vegan or vegetarian, Clean Label... in our modern Hela Pilot Plant our team of Product Developers and Technologists work on the latest nutrition and consumer trends. Curiosity, a willingness to experiment and a great deal of product understanding create new products and technologies that inspire consumers and offer our business customers reliable solutions.

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