One of the Oldest Spices in the World

More About This Spice

The home of the Coriander is the eastern Mediterranean. Coriander, like caraway and fennel, belongs to the umbelliferous family. Already by the ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans coriander was cultivated as an aromatic and medicinal plant.  Due to the trade with the Orient and Asia, coriander became more and more widespread in the kitchens of the East. Today, coriander shapes the taste of many dishes in China, Thailand and India. In Europe, coriander became particularly important in the monastery gardens, but quickly gained the reputation of bread and baking spice.
In Germany, coriander is cultivated in Thuringia, Baden-Württenberg and Franconia, for example. Worldwide, Central America, India, Morocco and the Netherlands are among the growing regions of coriander.
Both the fresh leaves and the small round coriander fruits are used from coriander.

Flavour of Coriander

The taste of coriander is often controversial. The coriander green has a slightly soapy aroma, which does not always go down well. Lovers of coriander appreciate its citrus-like and fresh scent and taste. 

Usableness of Coriander

Coriander is a versatile culinary herb. Its specific aroma is indispensable in the Asian cuisine of Thailand, Vietnam and India in particular. Ground curry is used as a component of Indian curry mixtures or the oriental spice mixture Ras-el-Hanout. Even today, coriander is still a perfect baking spice, and not only in classic gingerbread. Coriander also tastes extremely good in bread or savory pastries.

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